Garden of Life® and Alicia Silverstone

A One of a Kind Collaboration

Several months ago, we met with Alicia Silverstone, noted actress, author and health advocate, to talk about supplements. Hauling her luggage-sized purse with her, she proceeded to pull out several multivitamin products available at the local health food store and quickly proclaimed, “I’m confused. . .which of these products is actually from organic foods that I eat and which of these do not start off with chemicals?” To which we answered, “None.”

That was the shocking truth. Silverstone went to great lengths to eat a diet of organic, chemical (and cruelty) free foods. But to supplement that diet, there was not a multivitamin on the market that she could take. Even the best fermented or cultured multis all started off with chemical isolates and the tableted versions had harsh chemical binders, fillers or coatings. What a disappointment. Silverstone wanted a multivitamin that was made from the types of foods she ate—Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and real!

For Garden of Life, her challenge was music to our ears. We wanted the same thing—we always have. Creating a vitamin that started off with organic foods, concentrating those foods into meaningful
amounts of vitamins and minerals, was always a goal for us. And after years of research, we were close
to achieving it.

The process for efficiently harvesting the vitamins and minerals from their organic food sources eluded us for over a decade. However, a few years ago, we began our relationship with a scientist who holds multiple international patents for his novel approach to harvesting vitamins and minerals from organic fruit and herbs. So, we realized that fate had brought us together at just the right time, and we joined forces with Silverstone to create mykind Organics.

Shortly thereafter, we had a major breakthrough with the last obstacle to creating our Certified Organic multi—we figured out an entirely new, organic way to make a tablet without using the common binders such as magnesium stearate. The process was so novel that it’s now patent-pending, and we call it, Clean Tablet Technology™. This newly invented, entirely organic tablet system worked beautifully, and the finished tablets looked great, had a pleasant smell and taste and an organic coating making them easy to swallow.

We are thrilled to introduce mykind Organics—the first whole food multivitamin that is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, from real food without any chemical binders and fillers. mykind Organics is made with over 30 of the healthiest organic veggies and fruits available, such as organic kale, organic sea kelp, organic broccoli, organic parsley, organic ginger and organic blueberries.

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