About Multivitamins

Where Did Multivitamins Come From?

Hint: They Didn’t Grow on Trees

Since Garden of Life® was founded, we’ve always wanted to make a multivitamin that was from real, nutritious organic foods. We’re not alone in that goal. To understand why, it’s helpful to have a brief look
at history.

Birth of Synthetic Vitamins

During World War II, military doctors understood that armies living on canned, processed rations for months at a time, and with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables, were especially vulnerable to
nutrient deficiency diseases. So, synthetic vitamins were created by using the newly developed technology
of making plastic from inexpensive and widely available petroleum. They succeeded in isolating, fermenting and synthesizing single-nutrient vitamins.

But what we have been missing in multivitamins is nutrients from real, honest food—full of essential
“co-factors” that help the body to absorb, process and utilize vitamins and minerals.

Next Up: Reverse Engineered Nature

The industry spent the next two decades on a strange path of invention. Rather than starting with real food and working all the way down to a tablet, scientists reverse engineered nature—starting with synthetic vitamins and finding a way to make them more like real food.

All of today’s leading “whole food” vitamin companies—including Garden of Life—use cultured or grown whole food nutrients. Whether it’s grown, cultured or complexed, all whole food vitamins begin with an isolated nutrient.

The Organic Whole Food Revolution

Finally, after years of progress, Garden of Life® introduces mykind Organics—a multivitamin from real, nutritious, organic food.

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